Wizard of oz dating sim

------- gungho, favorite dear ~enkan no monogatari, first queen iv, mahjong uranai fortuna ~tsuki no megami tachi~, oz no mahoutsukai ~another world~ rungrung, sentimental graffiti, trump shiyouyo!The Daguerreotype in America Once the daguerreotype process was published in Paris in 1839, it spread rapidly to America.An exploded and assembled view of a ca 1850 daguerreotype.A few simple observations can help narrow the timeframe of an image.The preserver was prone to breaking at the corners.In about 1859, preservers with reinforced corners and more elaborate artwork were introduced.

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Beginning in the early 1850s, the mats became smooth, with some engraving artistry, simple at first but more complex by the late 50s.

The different parts of the daguerreotype each provide date clues.

So it is important you understand the different pieces.

Beginning about 1847, a brass frame called a 'preserver' wrapped around the taped assembly.

This complete package was then placed into a wooden or thermoplastic case for protection and presentation.

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