Who on 90210 is dating in real life

It was refreshing to be around her energy…She wasn't at all vapid or shallow; she was alive and young and exactly the way she was supposed to be…Free.

costars she had sex with — and which one she got fired. "Yes, but I'm not going to tell you who it is," replied an anxious Spelling, who was hooked up to the lie detecting device. I'm trying to do my lie detector poker face." With a gasp, Roe processed, "It was Jason Priestley." "Yeah," Spelling replied meekly. It was like a fistfight." Doherty's behavior got so bad that Spelling called her dad to get rid of the actress.

He would pull on my peach fuzz and he'd be like, ' Oh my gosh. You're like my Chewbacca.'" Spelling was also asked about her ties with Luke Perry.

And yes, she and Priestley shared more than the same zip code. And that was it, and we stayed great friends.""Oh my god, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for this," the 42-year-old reality star continued nervously. "What everyone felt on TV, we all felt in real life."As for Green, who played David Silver -- it was more than sex.

(At least, that's the premise of this show -- we weren't able to independently confirm any of these claims.) After news broke earlier this week that Spelling slept with her . "From the very first episode Luke Perry was on, I had a mad crush on him," she admitted, noting they never had sex.

WATCH: Tori Spelling Says She Slept With Brian Austin Green and One More '90210' Costar! It was off-set," confessed Spelling, who played virgin Donna Martin on the long-running '90s drama. The two, she says, were a "teenage love story," even writing their own vows for their epic wedding scene because they thought the scene, as written, lacked authenticity."He was a little bit of my everything," Spelling told Roe, admitting that their onscreen vows during the series finale were "like real." "We grew up together.

"In just a matter of weeks, we went from being just another generic ensemble cast of any old prime-time drama to being…," she says.

"I don't think any of us were prepared for the stardom that was thrust upon us in this way.

Before I was even able to strip and get into one of those white gowns that showcases your bare ass, Luke blurted out, ‘I ran over you with a Jet Ski.

"And so simple tasks, like going to the grocery store, or the mall, or to get gas, became overwhelming exercises in having to be ‘on' when my natural inclination was to shut down and not interact with anyone.

I…began to suffer a level of anxiety that as, at times, nearly paralyzing.

"They wouldn't have batted an eye if I asked for a bagel and a bump of coke, come to think of it, but I usually just had coffee," she reveals.5.

Tori Spelling Was Always Caught in the Middle as She Fought With "Nemesis" Shannen Doherty: "I don't know why it is, but there is a universal truth that when you put three teenage girls together, some serious s--t is going to go down," Garth explains, noting how Shannen wasn't afraid to share her ideas for the show "even if it meant sounding like a complete and utter bitch…Poor Tori, the youngest of the three of us was, inevitably, often caught in the middle and she was always trying to smooth things over, trying to get Shan and me off each other's backs and get along, but her efforts usually failed."6.

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