Who is blake mycoskie dating

"The more I focused on our meaning and purpose, the more I found our customers connected with it, my employees were more engaged, and our vendors wanted to work with us because they were excited about our idea," he says.Mycoskie says it may be more difficult to make a quick buck, but ultimately customers care about the way you operate your business.

Toms' coffee will also have a charitable bent: Every bag of beans gets someone one week (140 liters) of clean water in Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, Peru and Rwanda — the same countries that house the coffee plantations.

"Don't be afraid to be small for as long as you need to be small," he says.

"When you're doing a startup, so many of them have this pressure where they feel the need to be so big and have so much revenue and raise money so fast."Instead, Mycoskie says, young entrepreneurs should hold their horses and let their businesses blossom.

Afterwards we have a cookout with family and friends while enjoying the fireworks in the evening.” Favorite part of the holiday?

“Seeing my son Summit enjoy the parade and activities throughout the day.

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