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PHOTOS: CELEBRITIES WHO'VE COME OUT “What we really have to do is stop the adjective before the job title — whether it’s ‘black actor,’ a ‘gay actor’ or anything actor,” he told E! “Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that’s not where equality comes from.“Equality comes from treating everybody the same regardless of who they are.“I was in romantic relationships with girls—whatever that means at 14. There’s a security, a validity of knowing that it’s legal. It’s just a feeling, I guess — something about saying vows in front the people around you who love and support you.

Hired to fill the void left by recently ousted leader, Reese Hughes (James Rebhorn), Amanda's introduction will also be a bit awkward.

He also told that source that there was a time he had romantic relationships with girls.

Read Also: Gabriel Macht Wife, Net Worth, Height, Married, Wife, Father, Family “At that time, I was clueless and obviously in a different place in relation to my sexuality,” Bomer said referring to his time in high school.

"It has been also perfect timing for me because I was able to take pretty much a full year off to be with my daughter," she says.

"I thought I need to get more into TV mode, but I'm not fully there yet, and everyone at were starting, I don't think I could do the job because the hours would be too long, and the subject matter would be too gruesome.

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