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I wanted extra sleeping space for kid sleep-overs and this sofa was pretty good-looking, so I bought it even though I’d hardly looked at any others.

It didn’t take long at all for me to realize that it wasn’t the one for me.

Instead of removing the skirt, she decided to simply fold it under the bottom of the sofa.

And, she decided that she wanted the covers to fasten with buttons. It took a bit of experimenting, but she was able to do it!

This positive growth experience increased her feelings of affection for the sofa. She read about how some other bloggers removed the skirts from their sofas, but that wouldn’t work for hers.

I’m strong, and I’ve held up well under three kids and those two little dogs. They still haven’t forgiven her for getting rid of the brown chair–and they gave her no end of grief when she replaced him with that green retro number she thought was all that. They love to work themselves down into my cushions and sit there for hours.

I know my back cushions are a disappointment to her. I give them a good perch from which to watch the street.

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