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You can say, ' I want somebody who’s 6 feet or taller, who is Jewish, has a graduate degree, lives within five miles of me and looks like JFK.' The dating site’s algorithm will get you pretty close to the idea of what you think you want.”But “pretty close” isn’t close enough because, Carbino noted, many other factors figure in, from how honest people are in portraying themselves online to the fact that satisfying a laundry list of qualities doesn’t guarantee that sparks will fly when people meet in person.It’s these kinds of factors and others that Carbino addresses in her research that she hopes to draw on to help people better negotiate their way to true love via online dating.Many universities have policies prohibiting romantic relationships between professors and students. Abramson, a UCLA psychology professor who specializes in human sexuality and teaches about sex and the law, examines and challenges these policies. Is it comparable to our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, or is it something we give to institutions?

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Should law firms prohibit attorneys from dating law clerks and administrative assistants?

If a professor is romantically involved with a graduate student, a colleague can provide the evaluation and grade for this person, just as judges recuse themselves from hearing cases in which they may have a conflict of interest, Abramson said.

UCLA is California's largest university, with an enrollment of nearly 37,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

To protect free speech, he said, we allow speech that is disagreeable and offensive.

We are willing to pay costs to protect fundamental rights.

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