Tuba buyukustun dating

Onur and I know each other before working together in “Gonulçelen”.We were good and very close friends for nearly five years.- Honestly, I can not give my opinion on this topic.I am Turkish and I know very well the specificity of the audience in my country and how it deals with the projects presented.And the role of “Demir” is very different from the character “Murat”.

What about the tension between you and Murat Yıldırım (Demir) following his negative comments against you? But I think that, as a professional actor, he couldn’t have said or uttered such negative things. I haven’t received any offer about any movie project of this kind though I welcome the idea of course.

- In fact, I haven’t begun yet formally, it is a very difficult language!

But I know a few words and short sentences and phrases.

In the end, we live in the same area and we have the same feelings and the same problems and we experience similar living conditions; and therefore, the stories and the emotions we present in our series are universal themes and feelings.

As for me, it is a great honour to be loved by Arab people and to benefit from this considerable support out of my country.

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