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They split ways allegedly because of long distance.

Our favorite Cape Cod-loving couple—22-year-old Taylor Swift and 18-year-old Conor Kennedy—have reportedly called it quits after just a few months of dating.

She took a trip with the Kennedys to the Sundance Film Festival to see a documentary about the famous widow of Robert Kennedy. Perhaps Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift dating is what prompted the country-popster to start looking at properties close to the Kennedys: She’s eyeing a .9 million mansion next door to her new beau–and his granny, Ethel. Would you let your grandparents set you up with a guy? Do you think Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift dating is a good match?

Rumor has it, Ethel actually played matchmaker to spark Taylor Swift dating Conor–but maybe since Conor only just turned 18, Taylor may not have wanted to be as open about their relationship until he was legal. He thinks of her as his girlfriend–not just friends or dating. Of course, there are also PR reasons why the pair are a good match.

Taylor Swift has been pretty fascinated with the entire Kennedy clan for a while.

She’s said she’s written songs about the family, and she’s always been especially taken with Ethel Kennedy, Conor’s grandmother.

Photos from the family's Independence Day party originally ignited rumors that Swift was getting cozy with Patrick Schwarzenegger, who was also at the family compound.

"My fans know that I'm gonna give them the real version of what happened to me in my music and they know what they read on gossip sites may or may not be true."October 24, 2012: The country cutie turns red as Ellen De Generes examines her boyfriend history on the afternoon talk show.

We're already mourning the loss of Taylor's Jackie-O fashions and the couple's sweet PDAs, so before we say goodbye forever—or Miss Swift releases a new tale-telling single ('cause you know it's a matter of if, not when)—let's take a look back at their adorable romance.

July 31, 2012: After a brief red herring in the form of a hangout session with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the songbird is first snapped looking cozy with the son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

And, in the typical Taylor Swift dating fashion, the starlet and her boytoy are falling fast and quickly getting serious. He calls her his girlfriend.” Sounds a lot like the “Dear John” singer herself, who reportedly gets attached–and heartbroken–very quickly (see John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner . The Kennedy family has been plagued by tragedy and scandals, with Conor’s own mom, Mary, committing suicide in May. Anything positive associated with an all-American girl like Taylor Swift can’t do any harm.” Taylor Swift is clearly benefiting from the match up, too: She’s getting the prestigious Kennedy Award this year, something previously bestowed upon the likes of Al Gore and Bono. Two more reasons why we like Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift dating. ) and taller than she is (something she’s had difficulty with in the past), and two, their combined name is cute: Ta Co! We just wonder what the family may think if and when Taylor Swift writes a song about Conor later on.

Taylor Swift has made some questionable choices when it comes to her dating history, but now the 22-year-old singer has a sage matchmaker on her side -- Ethel Kennedy.

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