Tall woman dating sight science of dating attraction

Standing at 5’7 in my socks, I am a fearsome sight to behold when I wear heels.

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I’m ashamed that the thought “If I marry a short guy, I can’t wear heels on my wedding day” has actually gone through my mind. Part of it is that I’m a tall, broad-shouldered person.

I don’t think any of the guys in my Montana hometown are going to start wearing stilettos, but maybe this trend will trickle down until mens’ shoes in the mall will have a little extra lift, which would solve a lot of my problems.

But at what point do we draw the line between our political/social views and what we prefer sexually?

But maybe my issue with shorter guys is that I’ve internalized the idea that I am threatening.

Friedman said: Women who are tall enough to look men square in the eye (or look down on them) are gender transgressors by their very stature.

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