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It even translated into spanish the hebrew names of cities and places (when those names meant something specific in the original hebrew).: This is an argentine translation, by Fathers Armando Levoratti and Alfredo Trusso.It is official for the Lectionaries (and for all liturgical use) in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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The translation project began in 1996, as an initiative of the Bishops Conference of Spain.A.) published the five volumes of the “Sagrada Biblia”, translated by the Theology School of the University of Navarra (affiliated with Opus Dei). It is the result of a long joint effort between Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas, and La Casa de la Biblia, which had began in 1973.The introductions and notes are of a linguistic, historical, and literary nature, as opposed to a denominational approach.Straubinger also wrote several essays on biblical translation, and on theological matters. Ramón Ricciardi, he began translating the bible from its original languages. Hurault to get the “Church License” to print his bible.He could well have been our Ronald Knox, had his Bible not been abducted by the Trads (and then, because of it, automatically shunned by the Church in Argentina). He noticed that the evangelical protestant faithful were well equipped with their own bibles, and read them, while catholics didn’t usually have a bible, and those bibles they could eventually have access to, were translated into a spanish that was cultured and from Spain, and thus sounded unnatural to Fr. He finally found a Bishop that gave him his authorization, and the Bible was published in 1972. As its notes and illustrations were -at least in the early editions- heavily reminiscent of marxism and third world liberation, it stirred at first a great controversy.

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