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It is very well liked by Trad Catholics in Argentina.

In fact, this is the Bible that the SSPX recommends in Argentina.

(The Latin American Bible), is the brainchild of french Fr. Subsequent editions have polished the translation, and gave less political flavor to the notes.

: Translated by Francisco Cantera and Manuel Iglesias, it was published by BAC in 1975. It is highly valued as a tool for approaching the underlying meanings of the original languages.

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In Argentina, he translated the Bible from the original languages.

It is also the only bible in spanish featured in the official Vatican site (and in case you ask, this happened way before an argentinian was elected as Pope).

The translation uses a neutral latin american spanish.

It is intended as a Bible for the Catholic Church in spanish speaking Latin America.

The translation team includes prestigious scholars from the different language areas of the continent.

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