Spot online dating predators

“We’re not talking about lying about your age or weight; we’re talking about scammers who are trying to take your money,” CEO Brandon Wade told the Daily News.

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What do people need to watch for with Internet romance scams?The Online Dating Association said it was aware of the risks and would work with police and campaigners to improve safety. You don’t have to give up those qualities to date, but you do need to learn to protect yourself.Dr Phil producers were on hand when Dawn tried to call David, who was allegedly in a Turkish prison, where he had tried to commit suicide after cocaine was planted in his luggage at the airport. “Usually it’ll ring twice and then go to busy, and then I have to call him back again,” Dawn explained. She did finally get in touch with someone who claimed to be a Turkish inspector detaining her online boyfriend, David.She said she sometimes calls him dozens of times every day because she loves hearing his voice. Back on the set, Dr Phil tried to maintain an impartial tone, despite his clear skepticism.

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