Simon cowell dating other judge

The Britain's Got Talent judge has spoken openly about her friendship with the music mogul in the past and the pair have even admitted they have an undeniable chemistry, however, when it comes to talk that the pair had a one-one date years ago, Amanda insists that word is a bit misleading. "There were a lot of other people there including my friends and we were in Los Angeles for a friend's birthday, and I sat next to him at dinner and we had a really lovely dinner.

"My taxi was already booked for 10.30pm and I have to say when it did come I was gutted - but it wasn't a date!

I actually thought I was being punk’d half the time. Was it tough to take off your producer’s hat to be a judge? When you sit in auditions and even after a long day, someone comes in and just blows it out of the park, it’s a fantastic feeling. And there’s somebody who I think of like Susan Boyle, but a much younger girl who I just didn’t expect to be good, [but] was honestly incredible and so unexpected. I kind of felt like the new boy on day one, but I found it really comfortable from almost the minute I got there, to be honest with you.

That’s what I’ve always thought about the “Got Talent” brand — it has that ability to do that. It happened a few times when we did the auditions this year. They had this thought that I was the boss, which I never, ever, ever came in with that attitude — if anything, I felt a bit like the outsider.

During the first two years of , viewers saw the two frequently engage in arguments -- and Cowell says that wasn't just for the show.

"I mean, the truth was, on the first two seasons, we couldn't travel on the same plane together.

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Amanda Holden has finally put to bed rumours that she enjoyed a romantic date with Simon Cowell. The blonde-beauty sat down for a chat with uk to talk about her highly anticipated Bundleberry homeware range with home shopping network QVC but of course, we couldn't resit grilling her about her special relationship with Simon. "I don't think he's ever been on a date where it's just him and somebody else, because he's actually quite shy and I don't think he's very good on a one to one," Amanda reveals.

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The love birds seemed perfectly content in their own company, but have no doubt arranged a double date with Simon's fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 32, and his musical protegee Liam Payne.

Simon Cowell became a pop culture icon as the snarky judge on “American Idol.” Though he departed the show in 2010, he has kept busy: He’s a fixture on the U. airwaves, remaining a judge on “X-Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” both of which he created.

Now, he’s heading back to the States to make his mark on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Why is now the right time to return to American television?

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