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Could it be that modern society has put the human specie “zoo-like” environment, and our eating patterns have become progressively less optimal? And you haven’t heard the craziest part yet: most people start experiencing these benefits within 2 weeks of starting to fast!

And more importantly, what happens if we start eating the way we’re evolutionary programmed to? Oh, and if it weren’t enough, here’s a study that simply blows my mind: In the1930s scientists studied worms on an intermittent fasting cycle, and compared them with a control couple group of worms of similar genetic make up eating normally. And as someone who loves experimenting, often with the goal of optimizing body, mind, and health, it was very alluring. A piece on Intermittent Fasting titled “The World’s Most Effective Diet”. I’m a big believer in the flow of the universe, and that signs are the universe’s way of hinting us the right direction.

I felt this sharp pain in my stomach, and thought about turning around. I just had to go home, put the groceries away, then I would cook one hell of a feast. I had just crushed this fasting day, put myself out of my comfort zone, and come out a bit stronger on the other side. While I’m still fairly new to all this, I’ve already learned from cool stuff from the experiment. On fasting days, I appreciate my food SO MUCH more.

But no, this was a challenge, and pushing myself through this could only make me stronger. I felt a bit woozy driving home, my mind was a bit foggy as I unpacked my groceries, but before I knew it, my i Phone alarm went off. That first bite of food after 16 hours without it is blissful, and the subsequent ones are amazing. I experience a high level of mental clarity, as more of my energy is being using for cognitive activities instead of the digestion process. I’m more productive and get more stuff done, because I spend less time preparing & eating food. It’s making me mentally tougher, it’s increasing my self-control.

Consisting of regular 16 hour fasts (no food, only non-caloric drinks), Intermittent Fasting has been shown scientifically to help achieve fast weight loss, better health, and increased fitness levels.

As a student of Optimal Living, I knew I had to dig in and learn more.

Put my body under more “stress”, thus possibly “supercharging” the benefits of the fast. Allow me to enjoy the sights provided by the return of Australian summer & bikini-season :) The workout was amazing, I felt light and fast. And to access it, we must align ourselves with a greater purpose, commit to excellence, and seek to improve every day.

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As soon as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) sets in, my energy drops and I get cranky. I didn’t know it then, but it was the beginning my craziest experiment so far…When I got back from my bike ride, I remembered I had to do something.It was Sunday 4pm, the weekend market was about to close, and I didn’t have my groceries for the week. I had to go buying large amounts of delicious food after 15 hours of fasting, without eating any of it. I walked into the market, and my nostrils were immediately flooded with the wonderful aromas of fresh baked bread and croissants. :) intermittent fasting (every Sunday, except for 2 times where I just totally forgot and smashed a smoothie before realizing is was “Fasting” Day).I got everything I needed, paid for my stuff, and even managed to remain courteous to the cashier despite my advance state of hunger. While cold showers give me a “let’s do this”-type mental toughness, fasting helps me remain focused & persistent over a longer period of time.Both are equally important part of getting my mind where I want it to be.

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