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What are the good and bad sides of life as an Amish female? I wouldn’t begin to try to answer this for anyone else.A positive for me was that I didn’t like doing farm work.Saloma has kindly answered a few questions today about her Amish experience and book.

Saloma: I have often been asked this question at my book talks, and I always say, I simply do not know.

is the story of her childhood and adolescence, and eventual departure from Amish society.

I enjoyed meeting Saloma for the first time this summer while in PA, and have always appreciated her comments here on the blog.

Because of the insular nature of the Amish community, that cloak is thicker and more impenetrable than ever, which makes it nearly impossible to find out how much abuse exists in their communities.

I believe there are well-adjusted Amish families, from what I saw while I was teaching school for two years. In your book you describe the abuse that you and your sisters experienced, the difficult relationships with your parents and older brother.

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