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I just recently had a chance to read and found her story to be filled with tough moments but quite a page-turner (maybe for that very reason).Saloma’s story is not a rose-colored version of Amish life but a real look at one person’s experience growing up in difficult circumstances.How typical or atypical was your experience growing up Amish?Saloma: I have often been asked this question at my book talks, and I always say, I simply do not know.When I finally felt I had come through the hardest part of my healing, I had the urge to write for others.

I did not think I had a choice, so I returned and stayed nearly three more years before I left a second and final time.A small person would lay down on it, and then two bigger people would hold two corners each, making a swinging hammock.We’d swing the child back and forth, and then “land” him or her on the couch. And I used to love to swing on the rope swing hanging from a tall branch of an oak tree next to the woodshed.There came a time when I had to reckon with the abuse from my past, which led me to therapy.During this healing process, journaling became important.

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