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The earlier we become involved in the process, the greater chance we have to affect the outcome.

At least the Soviet System allowed some freedom for Jews to emigrate, and while I was not Jewish, a friend sent me an invitation from Israel and I was able to slip out.Contact us immediately if your child is facing an accusation, as timing can be everything in these cases.Expunging/Vacating Juvenile Sex Crimes The attorneys are Newton & Hall appear regularly in Washington courts to assist juveniles and adults with clearing their criminal records.Our group was infiltrated and destroyed by the KGB, and I barely escaped the trail, hiding for a few months in the Kazakhstan steppes, working with a geological field party under an assumed name. For a while, I was satisfied traveling around the Soviet Union with field Expeditions, writing science articles that nobody read.Later, back in Leningrad, I managed to defend my dissertation and earned a Ph. Nevertheless, the bondage and restraints of family and society life became unbearable, and I decided I would become a monk and sit somewhere in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal, perhaps, or India.

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