Seinfeld george dating

That's not to mention the show's legendary writing team, led by Seinfeld and Larry David.To celebrate Seinfeld's 25th anniversary -- the show debuted as a standalone pilot episode on July 5th, 1989, when it was still called The Seinfeld Chronicles -- we've compiled our own Top 10 Episodes list.I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I've always preferred the early seasons over the last ones and I know they are imperfect and the creators are still trying to catch the tone and style, but there is a sense of creativity, of wanting to do something unique.I mean, it's not totally unique cause what they really did was take Woody Allen's movie subjects and translate that to the small screen (with the romantic and philosophical themes put aside).I mean, I'm not kidding here, these are two completely different shows.One concerned with social and relationship commentary and another with surrealistic tales of four weirdos.

Some of them are even among the best episodes of TV, in its nine-season run, thanks in part to stars Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards.The actress who plays Marlene the ex-girlfriend, Tracy Kolis, will later play the role of Kelly the waitress who lies about having a boyfriend to George (Jason Alexander) in episode 6.7, Seinfeld: The Soup (1994).See more » Right before Kramer is going to take the cantaloupe back, he has half of it in his hand and the other half is on the counter.Instead there is now only a slice on the counter, which is what Elaine picks up later.See more » I've recently finished a revisiting of the latter seinfeld seasons and my God does this episode feel like a pack of fresh air.

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