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Jerry Seinfeld ( Himself) Julia Louis-Dreyfus ( Elaine) Michael Richards (Kramer) Jason Alexander (George) Len Lesser ( Uncle Leo) Barbey Martin (Morty) Liz Sheridan (Helen) Billye Ree Wallace [ Nana ] Christa Miller [ Paula ] Dana Wheeler-Nicholson [ Shelly ] Guy Siner [ Mandel ] Ellis E. Dvorak [ Teacher ] Norman Brenner [ Passerby ] written by: Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer directed: Andy Ackerman Transcribed by Mohamel March 2000 Opening Monologue Jerry: (word missing) themselves exterminators but they can't really do it. The best they can do is get the bugs to somebody else's house. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I've always preferred the early seasons over the last ones and I know they are imperfect and the creators are still trying to catch the tone and style, but there is a sense of creativity, of wanting to do something unique.I mean, it's not totally unique cause what they really did was take Woody Allen's movie subjects and translate that to the small screen (with the romantic and philosophical themes put aside).Update (June 24th, 2015): For the first time, all of Seinfeld is available via a streaming service today, as the entire series comes to Hulu.With that in mind, check out our Top 10 list for the series we did last year, for our picks for the very best episodes of a beloved show "about nothing." The problem with doing a Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes list is that just about every episode is a classic.Really, it's a testament to the four main characters that such a straightforward premise was able fuel an entire episode, but that's part of what makes "The Parking Garage" a classic.

The half on the counter is now gone but Kramer did not have time to pick it up.Soon Jerry is under Marlene's spell, wanting her and wanting to break up with her at the same time.Elaine meanwhile is growing increasingly annoyed with one of her neighbors who won't acknowledge her when they pass each other in the building.Jerry encourages him to just do it quickly, just like taking off a band-aid.He finally works up the gumption to do it but forgets a few books at her apartment and asks Jerry to get them for him.

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