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For my husband and me it was going to be a night of entertainment, such as going to a music concert or a murder mystery weekend somewhere.

We paid for an event and did not receive it, plain and simple.

“After two reschedules of the event with little notice and replacement of one of the headliners, I’m still waiting on a refund.

I bought my tickets on pre-sale back the end of January.

He has also offered online paranormal courses for which people paid, but the classes were not completed, according to several dozen people.

Crystal Blackburn says she paid 0 for an online paranormal class, in April of 2013.

Dozens of people in the support group for PRS customers posted about not receiving online classes that they had paid for.Another psychic scheduled to replace Coffey also posted on Facebook that she was not planning to join the tour citing lack of commitment from the tour itself.Michelle Belanger says in her post that it is time for Paranormal Research Society to admit that their lives are too chaotic to responsibly make commitments, especially involving other peoples’ money.It shouldn’t matter whether we believe or don’t believe or whether we are Christian or not.It was a business transaction that was not fulfilled on PRS or Ryan Buell’s side,” she told me.

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