Rude dating profile

Play to your strengths and remember that in the attraction game nothing is as simplistic as that!

’ There’s even a dating app called Type, which lets you filter for physical preferences.

‘I got ghosted almost every time girls discovered my height, or the more polite ones would say, “Oh that doesn’t matter,” then mysteriously never reply again a day later.I assumed this actually meant 5’8, as men often add two inches (true story, fight me) so settled on wearing my flattest shoes (Vans). Despite him being petite, it didn’t make me feel like a giant. (Sidenote: I thought the date went well but then he ghosted me. ‘I never put my height in the profile although it would make sense to do so.’ Jo uses dating apps and thinks people have a right to ask: ‘With online dating, you can’t tell from pics.THANKS, TOM.) I asked him why he’d added his height to his profile, and he’d done so because like many men, he got wind that women care. ‘I’ve been asked my height on an app before and I wasn’t offended,’ says Jay, 31, who incidentally has had a stranger yell, ‘AVERAGE HEIGHT! I’m short and I don’t want a guy who’s too tall as I won’t be able to reach him.’ When I put the issue to the good people of the internet (they always have strong opinions), I was genuinely surprised at how outraged some people were.Now, I don’t wear heels, but I live in chunky ankle boots which often have a two inch flatform – and these two inches could well push me into ‘taller than him’ category.I was on the brink of asking him when I noticed he’d updated his profile to include his height – 5’10.

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