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As far as the family, as far as our relationship personally, it's the adversity that a couple uses to draw closer.

I think honestly from the situation, our relationship has grown closer.

She's going to have to deal with a bunch of the other people that are above her on that. Watching it all go down around the pool that night, the other women all seemed to enjoy the conversation and join in, with a few notable exceptions.

She's going to have to deal with the quote-unquote industry that in her mind loves her so much over that. But the next day, when in front of your wife, they really tried to pass the buck.

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What has it been like to watch your wife go through all of this with Kenya?Castmate Siggy Flicker gets the credit for making the love connection.At a christening of twins that David delivered, “He was the single hot doctor walking in,” Dolores says, “and Siggy goes, ‘Get the f--k away from him. ’ ” “He’s a good-looking guy,” Dolores says of David.headed on down to Jamaica this season, the feud brewing between Kenya Michaels and Kim Fields reached a near fever pitch thanks to Kenya's pettiness over Cynthia Bailey's commercial shoot—and it also took on some collateral damage.You'll recall the evening spent around the pool when Kenya made some serious allegations about Kim's husband Christopher Morgan's sexuality, only brave enough to do so with her enemy far away in her hotel room, preparing for the morning's commercial shoot.

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