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There might be things said that, you know, even off-color humor that catches you before you catch yourself.I kind of feel like a couple of the women got caught in that.I believe we grow closer every day, but just having obstacles to go through—and this has definitely been a new set of obstacles—has given us the opportunity to talk about new thing and grow as a couple. Now, as far as the entire experience for Kim, I know there have been frustrating moments. I'm a big fan, obviously, but so are a lot of people.I know there have been moments where she had questioned whether she should do this in the first place. This opportunity is different in the respect that reality television is different.

Now, it's again not my judgement to put on anyone that has judgement on me.

“My boyfriend is very secure with himself.” Get it, girl.

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And she kind of put me in the middle with that situation because how I would handle that situation the entire world watching is different than I would when someone spreads a lie about you in front of the nation and world. She didn't marry Chris until 2007.]Now, I understand, I'm a Broadway performer without a real name, as far as Hollywood goes, and when Kim and I first got together, there was all kinds of speculation about me. But it didn't effect me then because I'm a musical theater performer that's been in the industry for 20 years. If I wasn't married, I was engaged to the woman I was married to the first time. Maybe there's some room down the road for us to actually be friends. It was interesting the way it was insinuated that by being a Broadway singer and dancer, you must be gay. And it's disappointing to me that someone would make such reckless statements without thinking of the true repercussions of it.

So, I felt immediately it was going to be important for me, at some time, to set the record straight that she had fabricated the entire conversation. [Kenya claims she first learned of the rumors surrounding Chris when she guest starred on Kim's Fox sitcom, which ran from 1993-1998. So, it's been a long time that I've been me and I've had people speculate all kinds of things about me. What does bother me is that she took the platform that she did to spread the lie that she did, but at this point Kenya and I have spoken. As a gay man myself, I found that a little insulting, that only gay men are singers and dancers. What I mean by the true repercussions of it is, the man who's your boss, you just labeled as weak or inept or unable or lesser than.

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