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Often, the designers work independently, although on some challenges, contestants must work in teams or as a single collective group.Once the deadline is reached, the designers must dress their models and select their hair, make-up, and accessories.Prior to the show, the finalists must return to New York City to oversee model casting, hair and make-up consultations, finishing touches to their clothes, final fitting on their models, and possibly an additional challenge, such as designing another outfit to blend in with the collection (as in Seasons 2, 5, 6 and 8).Their receipts are also handed over to the producers of the show to determine if they went over budget or had outsourcing done as favors, both of which are against the rules.

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Each non-finale challenge (the scope of one episode) requires the designers to develop one or more pieces of new clothing to be presented at a runway show.Project Runway was created by Eli Holzman and is hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum.It appears on Lifetime, and was previously on Bravo.Designers are also forbidden to bring pattern books or similar how-to materials with them during the show, or risk being disqualified from the competition (as was the case of Keith Michael in Season 3 and of Claire Buitendorp in Season 16).The designers are given a budgeted stipend to select and purchase fabric and notions, and then provided a limited amount of time to finish their designs (the shortest being 5 hours and the longest being two or three days, with the exception of fashion week when they are given 12 weeks).

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