Quizes on dating at 15 years old

Boyfriend Quizes For Kids Boyfriend Quizes For Kids Long ago, the amazing Mayan civilization flourished, and they made many awesome developments in the earth at period.

They even created the calendar which ends on December 21, 2012 and has some people worried and concerned!

In size, which of these English coins is the smallest? 1 Mercury 2 Neptune 3 Earth 4 Saturn What was the Spanish Armada?

1 Fleet of ships 2 Squadrons of aeroplanes 3 Columns of tanks 4 Cavalry units A musical scale is made up of how many notes?

In the Triangular Slave Trade, from which continent were slaves taken? 1 Vacuum2 Volt3 Volcano4 Video Which of the following is not a pulse?

1 Pea2 Bean 3 Banana 4 Lentil In which city are the Sagrada Familia church and Park Guell?

1 £10 2 £20 3 £50 4 £5To which country did England send prisoners during the 1800s?1 Brisbane2 Alberta3 Alaska4 British Columbia In which of these TV shows did Tilly speak French?1 Teletubbies2 Tots TV3 Rosie and Jim4 Mr Bean How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?1 Viewpoint2 Town Hall3 Picnic Site4 Youth Hostel What is the term for change over a long time made by animals, enabling them to survive?1 Revolution2 Heritage3 Evolution4 Ancestry Alphabetically, which would be first in a list of Canada's provinces?

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