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1 Viewpoint2 Town Hall3 Picnic Site4 Youth Hostel What is the term for change over a long time made by animals, enabling them to survive?1 Revolution2 Heritage3 Evolution4 Ancestry Alphabetically, which would be first in a list of Canada's provinces?

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1 Les2 Le3 La4 Las What does a pink triangle signify on a map?It uses questions based on subjects on the current school curriculum (ranging from age-six-level French to age-ten maths).So here's a chance for everyone in the family to show they are as smart as the average ten-year-old, who should be able to answer every one...1 Numbers2 Acts3 Psalms4 Revelation What is the name of the small fungus that is used to make bread rise?1 Mushroom2 Toadstool3 Truffle4 Yeast Halley's Comet was named after the surname of an English astronomer, but what was his first name?

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