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Here's why: it's £13.49, for less detailed information than you can get for free online, but wrapped up in a very slick package.

I don't Diglett Pitched as the ultimate Pokedex (you know, for the Pokepros), it's a smashing bit of design.

It also tracks how well you do at these trivia questions, and which Pokemon you've looked at in the Pokedex.

However, this is all just padding to an otherwise meagre offering.

If the answer is, "I'm something of a fan", then you absolutely do not need to part with money for this piece of software.

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Unlike Excitebike's temporary free price of admission, Pokédex 3D is free for the foreseeable future, so there's no real reason for Pokéfans not to give it a fair shake.

Pokedex 3D is a free application that lets you collect data on more than 150 Pokemon from the Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version video games!

This exciting new application lets you see each Pokémon in 3D.

In fact, it's surprisingly well featured for a freebie, making use of many of the console's features to bring the critters to life.

First things first: currently this is a Pokédex for Pokémon Black and White only, so don't expect to see good ol' Pikachu anywhere.

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