Pokedex 3d no longer updating

If the answer is, "I'm something of a fan", then you absolutely do not need to part with money for this piece of software.In fact, if the answer is anything short of, "I dress up as a Pikachu on weekends," then this probably isn't for you.It also tracks how well you do at these trivia questions, and which Pokemon you've looked at in the Pokedex.However, this is all just padding to an otherwise meagre offering.There's no actual gameplay involved in filling your 'dex, but as always the key is sharing the wealth between players, and that's definitely A Good Thing.Once you've got a monster though, what can you actually with it?It runs fast, and looks pretty - but there are ways of getting all of these details elsewhere, and you won't have to close your running copy of the latest to access them.There are some quizzes thrown in, too, mainly based on naming the correct Pokemon from an image, and other miscellanea.

Below each 3D image is a name, and below that is all sorts of statistical information.You can view it from all angles, watch it perform a short animation and change the background scene, but this is more than a simple 3D viewer — it's a sizeable compendium of Pokémon information, going into impressive detail on each monster.Want to know what moves your Pokémon will learn and how, or how its statistics measure up against other monsters?This page has a list of all the AR Markers that you can view in the Pokédex 3D Pro. The titles themselves aren’t tangible retail products, similar to the ones that fans have been asking for on the 3DS, but they should help tide fans over while Game Freak chips away on that task.

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