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It's funny to think of your friends trying to save your from your own bad judgment — Wilson deemed it "a bit of a breathalyzer test." But you’re also opening a discussion about why your choices might have led your pals to screech, "No, no, no he’s not right for you." There’s probably something you can learn from that reaction.

This all raises an especially interesting facet of Wingman, which is that it's far more social than your typical swiping session.

She designed the app to recreate the way these interactions would work IRL.

You’re sitting at a bar, you see a cute guy or girl, point them out to your friend, make the introduction, and then duck out.

You simply login to the app with Facebook and create a profile for the single friend in question.

You can do this for as many pals as you like, and each dater profile can also have multiple wingpeople.

There’s an obvious appeal here for a lot of meddling friends too.

There are those of us who are now in relationships and need to live vicariously through our single friends.

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The good news for all wingwomen and wingmen-in-waiting is that it’s now surprisingly easy to insert yourselves into the romantic lives of your friends.Instead it's the brainchild of Tina Wilson, a charismatic, fully grown woman with several decades of IRL dating under her belt.Wilson, who's based in London, told that she found herself single after a breakup and had a squad of friends, most of whom were already paired off, who were eager to drag her into the world of online dating.The gender and relationship preferences are all open.So basically you can help your friends find whatever they’re looking for.

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