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But the members clung to their great expectation: God would send out another group of twelve Apostles and through them reveal the full power of the Apostle ministry.

() The British Apostles had come to believe that they would prepare a small number of “firstfruits” who would be taken away from this earth.

Around the year 1830 individuals and groups in England and Scotland prayed for an “outpouring of the Holy Spirit”.

These prayers expressed their hope for a renewal of Christian life within the various denominations that they felt had become formal and uninspiring.

Originating from a small Catholic Apostolic congregation in Hamburg (Germany) the New Apostolic Church today has more than ten million members worldwide.

New Apostolic Christians assemble in over 60,000 congregations.

Watched over by the Apostles the Prophets were to continue the prophetic interpretation of Scripture that had been abandoned in 1836. Heinrich Josias Thiersch of Marburg, a former professor of theology, had worked closely with Apostle Carlyle.

Entries in Thiersch’s diary show that he still felt close to Apostle Carlyle even years after his death.

The roots of the New Apostolic Church date back to the 19th Century.Clarity was achieved through the designation “New Apostolic” which was first used in the German kingdom of Saxony.() In Hamburg there existed an apostolic congregation without an Apostle between January and March 1863 because Apostle Rudolf Rosochacky refused to act as an Apostle.On 27 January 1863 Friedrich Wilhelm Schwartz, the bishop in charge of the Hamburg congregation, was excommunicated from the Catholic Apostolic Church.This date is considered the birth of the New Apostolic Church.

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