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In the early years the Hamburg congregations approached the public under various names.

More congregations were founded and to avoid confusion with those “apostolic congregations” they had separated from they eventually called themselves “New Apostolic Congregations” in their official correspondence. The past year 2013 was an anniversary year for the New Apostolic Church.

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The distinctive feature of what became known as the Catholic Apostolic Church was that it was headed by Apostles who by the laying on of hands dispensed the gift of the Holy Spirit to prepare the believers for the return of Christ, which they expected soon.

After their rapture no more Apostles would be active, but archbishops bearing the title of Archangels would lead the Church.

In 1860 they had once again vetoed the call of new Apostles by the Prophet Heinrich Geyer.

The highlight of the anniversary year will be the Pentecost service, which Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will hold on in Hamburg (Germany).

The roots of the New Apostolic Church date back to the 19th Century.

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