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When the man came in, Wolfgang pretended he was going to the shop to get something. I couldn’t believe I had left my posh life in Nairobi for this.

I was left with the man and he started making advances at me. This continued for a few days, I had tried to defend myself by attacking Wolfgang but he didn’t seem perturbed.

At 30, I had been able to buy a house and sustain a comfortable life in the wealthy suburbs of Nairobi.

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My family wasn’t wealthy but we lived a comfortable life.

After University, I worked at a major bank in the country before proceeding to start my own insurance company.

I had come planning to start a family, maybe even build another company here and this animal had decided to trade me off.

Three days after my nightmare had started, Wolfgang was taking a shower and I was sure this wasn’t a life I was ready to live.

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