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Unlike the change in Claire's role, no on-screen reference was made regarding this change.The pair consummates their relationship during this season, resulting in Vanessa becoming pregnant at season's end and setting up the series for related storylines through the remainder of the show. Introduced in the middle of the second season, Claire begins a relationship with the religious-minded Tony, portrayed by young actor Andrew Mc Farlane. In the episode "Breaking Up and Breaking It," (Season 1) Mc Farlane first appears as Roger, Claire's first crush.

There maybe another one on the way but you can never be sure.'While another reviewer added: 'Well she has a talent for doing nothing.

A quick addition of 'la' and voila, problem solved. I have a lot of respect for a parent that names its baby Rodney.

Firstly Rodney is not that attractive a name so you are being honest with yourself if you look at a baby and think - Rodney. The moral of the story is that celebrating the baby’s birth with a few cans is never the wisest idea.

As the series went on, the series began to see a noticeable change in tone, particularly with the characters: by the fourth and (especially) the fifth seasons, Michael became involved in increasingly outlandish situations having often seeking advice from Franklin Mumford, the child prodigy boyfriend of his youngest daughter Kady; Junior went from being a mere underachiever to being depicted as a total idiot (though with some savant-like characteristics, as he showed some extremely rare glimpses of intelligence, as well as a talent for drawing), and Claire was depicted as being self-absorbed and klutzy.

Jazz Raycole, who was the original portrayer of Claire, had departed the series after season one.

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