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S., but her extended family has said that people did not talk about the era of slavery when they were growing up.

Her father suffered from multiple sclerosis which had a profound emotional effect on her as she was growing up.

The president also noted that he hoped he'd been a good example to his girls, too, "in terms of how I've shown respect to my wife." The president told the radio station that there's one other reason he's not worried about his daughters starting to date. For an hour each night, at 6.30, Obama told WDGG that he'd leave the oval office to have dinner with his girls."We'd laugh and share stories," he said. While Malia and Sasha might not have as much time for their dad as they used to, Obama was full of praise for his daughters – who have grown up before our eyes."I really don't worry about them, because they're really solid, smart girls...

"And that was a place where you could shed and leave all the other stuff behind…they'd talk about their friends and about what happened in soccer practice.

During an interview in 1996, Michelle Obama acknowledged there was a "strong possibility" her husband would begin a political career, but said she was "wary" of the process due to it meaning that their lives would become "an open book" while she was private.

Although she campaigned on her husband's behalf since early in his political career by handshaking and fund-raising, she did not relish the activity at first.

She was determined to stay out of trouble and be a good student, which was what her father wanted for her.

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In 1993, she became Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, a non-profit organization encouraging young people to work on social issues in nonprofit groups and government agencies.

She subsequently worked as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago and the Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Barack and Michelle married in 1992 and have two daughters.

When she campaigned during her husband's 2000 run for United States House of Representatives, her boss at the University of Chicago asked if there was any single thing about campaigning that she enjoyed; after some thought, she replied that visiting so many living rooms had given her some new decorating ideas.

prompting her to respond: "Barack and I have been in the public eye for many years now, and we've developed a thick skin along the way.

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