Michael c hall dating jennifer carpenter

Perhaps he decided that no child of his would lose their father to cancer.Unless either of the two feels compelled to share their thoughts, we will never know for sure. Officially they only cited irreconcilable differences. One partner wanting children and one not certainly qualifies as an irreconcilable difference.“I had the luxury to really commit to my treatment,” revealed Hall. Truly that makes things a lot easier.” The 42-year-old actor began his career on the HBO series, Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother’s bloody proclivity.After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of 2008 and were divorced two years later, after his cancer went into remission.

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Nobody slandering the other, no hostility, but for all appearances simply a transition back into friendship. Julia has denied those allegations and there doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence for this.

“We’ve been through quite a journey in our personal life, but thankfully that remains a fundamental friendship and respectful.” Hall and Carpenter are thrilled about the seventh season, because Deb finally realizes her brother is a murderer.

“That’s the big challenging situation that Dexter has to be vigilant about,” said Hall about the reveal.

Meeting and getting married whilst being co-stars is not overly unusual.

It does happen, but perhaps a little less on TV shows than on movie sets.

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