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Extended-day programs don’t go far enough, she said.

For instance, senior citizens should be tapped for roles in after-school programs.

Over the weekend, Castile's family retained Hatchett, who has eight years of experience behind the bench and in front of the lens on her daytime show.

The former TV personality now runs an Atlanta-based firm specializing in wrongful death suits.

In 597, the Babylonians conquered Jeru-Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious salem and gave Judah a new king, another son of Movement (New York: Routledge, 2002); M. When that king rebelled, the Babylonians Penton, Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah’s destroyed Jerusalem in 587 and simply took Judah Witnesses, rev. He was last about the time Josiah, already king, turned 21. The western retaining wall Jerusalem A city sacred to Jews, Christians, of the temple mount became an important place where Jews mourned this loss. Its sacredness is intertwined with 132–135, the Romans renamed Jerusalem andits history. Jerusalem became for most Jews a mythical, ancient city, essential to their Around the year 1000 B. King RABBIS preserved the regulations concerning the DAVID (ruled roughly 1000–961 B. This is the structure In the first century, JESUS, the founder of CHRIS-Jews know as the First Temple. He was tried, executed, and, Christians believe, rose from the When Solomon died, the united monarchy dead at Jerusalem. Ear- tians have also called the world to be establishedlier the people of Judah seem to have offered SACRI- when Jesus returns “the new Jerusalem.”FICES at local sanctuaries. In 1967 King spoke out strongly against the Vietnam War. delivering his memorable “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington, D.

Heheard from after the fall of JERUSALEM 40 years later, said Judah would be destroyed because it had aban-in 587. In Jerusalem, too, his clos-split into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah. In this waysalem became the capital of Judah, and David’s Jerusalem became an important site in the Chris-descendants continued to rule there. The places that tradition associ-alternative sanctuaries at Dan and Bethel, but ates with Jesus, especially the Via Dolorosa—thesome, including some very vocal prophets, still path he took on his way to being executed—havefavored Jerusalem. Josiah made the Jerusa-lem Temple the only acceptable place of sacrifice. Because This meant that Jews would travel to Jerusalem to Muslims revere figures like ABRAHAM, David, andcelebrate the major festivals of PASSOVER, Shavuot, Solomon as prophets, they, too, consider Jerusa-and Sukkot (see JEWISH FESTIVALS). In 691 they built a shrine, the Dome of the Rock, on the temple mount. C., 1963 (Archive Photos) ebooks == and religion S 255At the end of his life he was reaching out to the Christians have identified this kingdom with thedisadvantaged of all races. Protestants in the United States, like Chris-eled to Memphis, Tennessee, in support of a strike tians everywhere, have been inspired by the idealby sanitation workers.

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