Matriarchal dating

, “All the Single Ladies.” Women continue to outpace men in educational attainment, employment rates, and earnings, with the result that many men are seen as unmarriageable, while the shrinking population of desirable men is increasingly promiscuous.

Thus in a limited but important sense, this segment of society is not only matriarchal, but increasingly matrilineal.This is the world Bolick inhabits along with other New York singles.But when women give up on men’s playing an important role in the household and turn to one another instead, accepting the financial and emotional costs of raising one another’s children, promiscuity becomes, in a sense, safe.Because of their inherent immaturity, most males feel embarrassed and shamed by a woman giving them an enema.Prolong the enema and keep the door open to inspire fear that someone may see them and deepen his humiliation.

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