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There are ones who thinks is probable “the marriage annuncement of Ito and Ninomiya is arround the corner”.

There are another ones who thinks “Johnnys already told him, to stop seeing her. There are a small portion of entertaiment industry who have doubts about the deep of their relationship, or the existence of it.

Sakurai did a remark about moving out with his parents during his teens, his mother threw away the garbage of Sakurai’ room from the 2nd floor window.

To this comment Jun said the lastest episodes of VSA, the Sakurai’ mother memories oddly come up several times.

These comments marks a new wave of favorable reception of Matsu Jun as celebrity after the AV atress affair.

In this contex, the fans tell to Ito “Better you go to akita and never come back”, “die”, “leave him alone annoying woman” .Members seem to feel sorry, but this may be the idol’s fate.OP talks begining to turn in to fans research materrial, the fans expect the talks conducts to the private life issues and his current “love” state.Ohno remeber he threw away things every time he move. The sudden confesion was made painless even with a smirk in his face.Ninomiya says “I move out to the next home, I threw even the sofa, I can´t have it anymore”This answer awake the most furious reaction of the fans in the SNS. The fans think about the brown sofa scooped in Ito and Sasaki photos.

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