Malwarebytes is not updating right

If that is the case, after completing a safe mode scan, reboot normally and try rescanning again.

Before performing a scan, don't forgot to ) before scanning and to reboot afterwards.

Scanning with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in safe or normal mode will work but removal functions are not as powerful in safe mode.

For optimal removal, normal mode is recommended so it does not limit the abilities of MBAM but sometimes there is no alternative but to do a safe mode scan.

Therefore, after completing a scan it is recommended to uninstall MBAM, then reinstall it in normal mode and perform another Quick Scan.

It is also possible the malware targeted your files and alter associations.

Copy to the location indicated for your operating system.

If you cannot see the folder, then you may have to in Internet Explorer which can affect your ability to browse or download tools required for disinfection.

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