Josh groban dating

Josh has a Jewish root though he was born in America.

He has an incredible net worth which I’m sure will surprise you.

Let’s hope he finds someone special very soon as who wouldn’t want to date this fine singer.

36 years old Josh Groban is an American singer/actor.

In an interview talking about January for two and a half year where he said; After breaking up with his first celebrity girlfriend, he looks a gap of 3 years then started dating the famous singer Katy Perry.

When one is in the showbiz industry, they are bound to attract people due to their fame and popularity.

It makes the fans, followers, and admirers wonder about not only their professional but also personal life.

These two who had same career background hooked up on March 2009.

But it didn’t take long to end things between them. After their breakup, Katy revealed that she was inspired by her former boyfriend and the hit song “The One That Got Away! Talking about her inspiration Katy in a statement said; In the same year, Josh was in a relationship affair with another American actress, April Bowlby.

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