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There are lightweight lovers: office Romeos and pub roués – and then there are great seducers. Women flock to them, bask in their presence and adore them for ever. Sexual charisma, instead, say scholars, entails something else – an unusual cluster of traits such as high vitality and libido, passion for women and an interplay of opposite personality traits.

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Aware of women’s wish to be furiously desired, he came on strong and declared himself to ladies on the spot.

Aside from his tremendous élan, sex drive, and love of women, he crackled with contradictions.

With his masculine swank (his feats in the boxing ring and playing field), he combined a distinct feminine streak.

As his son’s marriage was breaking up, he told him his secret: “Intelligence,” he wrote, “endows love with effectiveness.”The Conquest Just as ladykillers come in a thousand shapes and sizes, there are many ways to enthral women.

Yet despite their diversity, great seducers seduce with a difference.

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