Intelligent erotic chat

The author of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Matilda spellbound women with the witchery of his conversation.In his rough-grained soft baritone, he spoke to them “more wittily than anyone else had ever done before”, and according to his friend Antoinette Haskell he “slept with everybody on the East and West coast” while in America.Romantic poet Lord Byron was an electrifying presence.Nineteenth-century Britain was consumed with “Byron-mania” and ladies fainted when he entered a room.He studied dance with a ballet master and stage-managed seductive dinners that included such “games” as passing oysters from mouth to mouth. Mind spells are the heavy magic in love and were Casanova’s speciality.

He dressed for the female gaze in dazzling lace-trimmed velvet and wore “secret perfumes which controlled love”.The Middle Ages favoured pure knights who served ladies with brave deeds; the Romantic era liked dark, love-wracked heroes while the 1960s preferred groovy minstrels in ponytails. Reflecting the tastes of independent, confident women, today’s erotic icons, such as Ryan Gosling, are less macho, more expressive, more gender-flexible and more appreciative of female strength and ambition.In all the basics, however, they fit the template: they have that wow factor, love women, and are creative romancers. Giacomo Casanova: Venetian 18th-century adventurer and master lover who set the bar. Gabriele D’Annunzio: Italian poet, politician and adventurer who lived from 1863 to 1938.Swoon: Great Seducers And Why Women Love Them by Betsy Prioleau (WW Norton RRP £19.99) with free P&P please call 08 or visit uk. A few of the early users have reported that they fell in love with their AI creatures.

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