Infj dating who is billy currington dating now

But yes, you're not the only perpetually single INFJ. Not just in romantic relations kind of sense, but even family and friends.

I'm not blaming anyone as this is completely on me, as i keep everybody at arms length. I only had one girlfriend an entj(whew what a challenge). I'm a bit different from most male(probly females too) infjs my age.

and it doesn't help that I'm never in a position to meet guys nowadays, anyway. I also was homeschooled, so I missed out on a lot of the normal dating and social conditioning-like things. I'm really interested in hearing how it goes for other INFJs. (I'm not talking about "date" as in "sleep with" or "have a relationship with" but rather date=spend time with, get a drink with, do an activity with, etc.)Personally, I don't understand how a person can go on one date, with one person, date no one else, marry that person.....

I come from an Evangelical Christian upbringing where this was expected: going on dates with (i.e.

Then, use your great intuition to let you know when it’s ok to open up to someone of the opposite sex.So idk if my experiences are just me, or relatable to other INFJ. I'm a fellow INFJ and i just turned 30 a month ago.I'm very curious to know if it's just me haha. I've been hurt a few times than Id like to admit but as they say, when you get knocked down you gotta get back up. If there's someone I wanna be with, and the circumstances seem right I'll ask them on dates. I'd say that I fall in the chronically single category.I've had a pretty consistent pattern trying to date as an INFJ (I assume I still am one, I've gotten that result every time I've taken the test in the past).I don't know what the girls I've dated and tried to date were, but somehow I always get 1 of 2 results.

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