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Something I realized by reading Aziz Ansari's book Modern Romance, is that dating websites exist so that you have a wider pool of people to meet than you'd normally meet without the help of the Internet.

The point of dating websites is to establish that you find a person attractive (photos), you exchange a few messages so that you can determine whether or not they are even worth meeting (douchey vs kind, etc.), and then you get out from behind the computer and meet them face to face--because THAT is where dating ACTUALLY happens.

So idk if my experiences are just me, or relatable to other INFJ. I'm a fellow INFJ and i just turned 30 a month ago.

I'm very curious to know if it's just me haha. I've been hurt a few times than Id like to admit but as they say, when you get knocked down you gotta get back up. If there's someone I wanna be with, and the circumstances seem right I'll ask them on dates. I'd say that I fall in the chronically single category.

When it comes to actual relationships I've had, when I get into them they start great and I really begin to open up and be less reclusive and closed off.

Within a month, the girl I'm dating will without warning start to become distant.

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Don’t feel like a freak - there are other people out there just like you!Meetups are also great for that; my city has a variety of singles/ Meetups by age.I found my current boyfriend at a Meetup--we went to the same event and didn't meet there, but we started chatting on the Meetup's FB page and then met in person.Alarmingly often, I meet ladies that seem normal at first, but within a week of talking and 0 to 1 dates start talking about moving in together, being in love, getting a puppy, and all kinds of other crazy things.And in those cases I usually run fast and far lol (or retreat to my cave).

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