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Nichols admitted to the shootings in a statement to the police, but claimed that the shooting of Wilhelm was due to the agent pointing a gun at him.

Forensic evidence did not support this statement, instead showing that Wilhelm had been shot while kneeling and that he had other injuries, which indicated that Wilhelm was not holding a gun.

Nichols became Georgia's most expensive defendant, with his case topping million for the prosecution and defense combined.

The case was presided over by Superior Court Judge Hilton Fuller and was set to take place in July in the same courtroom in which the earlier murders had taken place.

The trial was temporarily placed on hold in order to find new accommodation, as Superior Court Judge James Bodiford ruled that "fundamental fairness" made it necessary to move the trial to another location.

The prison guard who Nichols had attacked, was not able to testify at the trial, as the injuries she had sustained had left her with no memory of the event.Nichols was later arrested on multiple charges for the rape, kidnapping, and assault of a former girlfriend after discovering that she was dating a minister from the church that they both attended.The first attempt at a trial ended with a mistrial and a hung jury.He later fatally shot Sergeant Hoyt Teasley while escaping from the courthouse.Nichols car-jacked several vehicles during his escape and was featured on America's Most Wanted during his manhunt.

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