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But the problem with all of these verses and many others is that they rely on a faulty interpretation of a disputed Greek word: porneia (often rendered as "fornication").Scholars may be divided on the intended meaning of this word, but the etymology clearly refers to prostitution (just follow the root words in Strong's).Throughout most of human history, marriage has been treated as a legal transaction.In the early days of patriarchy, it was not unlike purchasing offspring, complete with an indentured nanny who would raise the man's descendants.The only way premarital sex would be possible is if marriage is nothing more than a legal status rendered by a temporal government.

This is a big struggle for me and I think You would agree with me that it doesn’t exactly make sense to give me this HUGE sex drive and then not provide a husband. ” It’s the same stunt the snake pulled in the Garden. My plan, when I entered my senior year of high school ten years ago, was to be married with two kids by now. I tried to read all of the books about how to wait the right way, and had two qualms with them. Telling me it is worth the wait is not the same as telling me how to wait, and I don’t know that you are qualified to identify with my pain if you got married right out of high school. He gave it to me and if He is choosing not to give me a means through which to express that, I have two choices. Every January first, I map it all out thinking, “Ok, God, it needs to be this year or I won’t be able to have all of the kids I want.

Y A couple weeks ago now I was traveling and listening to the radio. Both are Catholics (in fact, she used to be a nun). He is not asking me to stock up on purity that will last me a lifetime. In fact, for a great read on this subject, pick up Elisabeth Elliot’s book, “Passion and Purity.” She devotes whole sections to this idea of ‘has God called me to be single?

They usually happen when we get the idea that God might ask us to change our plans for Him (how dare He).

Considering how seriously God takes marriage, this might come as a counter-intuitive surprise.

Even saying it sounds like I'm making light of sex, but that's only because the church has made light of marriage.

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