Google not updating my site quest dating website

Every other method – automated or manual – fails to open the review box pre-filled with 5-stars on at least one device or browser.

Most notably, all these methods fail on i Phone using either the Safari or Chrome browser – and many fail on both browsers.

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If you don’t have an i Phone, we can create the 5-Star Google Review URL for you Google is continually updating all aspects of their products and services.

This direct link means there is no searching, frustration or abandonment of the review mid-process when the client starts to leave a review. Also, reviews on your My Business listing will help boost your results in Google search results.

More than 80% of all internet searches are done through Google and when a potential customer searches for your business with Google, the average rating of your reviews on Google My Business are displayed on the results page with a link for the searcher to read all of your Google My Business reviews.

If your customer wants to remain anonymous, move on to the next customer.

Don’t spend too much time trying to convince a customer to create an account or to use their real name.

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