Free pic swap sites

The user will still get a message, but it will just say that the pic was deleted. Why this isn't more popular than Snapchat, I don't know.

You can download i Delete here This app isn't about images.

i Delete uses the same idea - it self-destructs images after a certain amount of time - but with a much safer method.

First of all, there is an option to make sure people can't screenshot your image...

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So while it's still a better option than simply sending a pic through i Message, it's still not the best idea.

It allows you to send funny and awkward memes to people when they sext you. Would a Sexting 101 Class Keep Teens From Doing It?

It's basically the perfect response to an unwanted sext and everyone needs to download it.

We’ve already covered a handful of the best clothing swap sites around (check out these 5 favorites of our own Xin Lu), and in a recent Dealista episode, we dig a bit deeper to cover makeup, books, and video games, too! While some people will get icked out by the thought of trading makeup, there really is no better way to snag those hard-to-find and discontinued items that you find yourself unable to live without.

Make Up Alley has over a thousand new items added daily, making this free-to-register site a legit way to score that certain shade of blush you thought you’d never find again.

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