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It qualifies as a tutor, given the instructional nature of the companion CDs.The first CD (Volume 1) contains both slow and fast versions of the first 44 reels and jigs in the book.Both systems were relics before the end of the century. His “Double Action” refers to a given note being available in each bellows direction, pushing for one key and drawing for another key. Howe (1820-1895) was a well-known fiddler, tune collector, music publisher and dealer, and instrument manufacturer and collector. Wheatstone sales records show his purchase of several concertinas in 1843, the year that he became a publisher; see Wayne, Concerning the date of first publication, the introduction states: “The Musical World, some five and twenty years back, was amused . Regondi supposedly had no input into the Anglo concertina tutors and songbooks bearing his name.Coule’s “improved German concertina” was a short-lived system: “the performer is enabled to play all the principal Natural notes, Double Action, on the Instrument, that is, by either drawing out, or pressing in the bellows . He published more than two hundred books, including tune books, dance books, and tutors for many musical instruments. On Regondi’s brilliant career as a guitarist and performer-composer-arranger-teacher of music for English concertina, see The cover states “And Adopted for the Octagon, Sexagon, or Organ Celestial, and Anglo-German Concertinas.” Beginning in 1859, George Jones made “Celestial” English and Anglo concertinas—larger instruments that were prized (especially by the Salvation Army) for the vibrato effect of their double reeds (Wayne, 59-60). [I]t is decidedly injurious to the instrument and liable to cause the breaking of reeds, besides making it sound out of tune; and also causing the player to appear more like a buffoon than an artist” (p. He probably was relying on his memory of performers in the British music halls, rather than on the American stage.in the 1840s and became a Wheatstone supervisor before starting his own concertina making business. The 4-key row was the top row on the left side and the bottom row on the right side. [T]his small but expressive little instrument, so enchants the ear that few persons can fail to admire its sweetness and beauty” (p. ), which retained the original contents except with “the concertina” replacing “the German or Anglo-Saxon concertina.” The music and tablature for 208 of the 250 tunes in De Ville’s book were taken from Howe’s Edgley teaches and performs on the Anglo concertina, Northumbrian and Scottish small pipes, and tinwhistle. The handbook and CD, which include detailed coverage of embellishments and variations, provide a course for beginning and advanced players of Irish-style concertina, emphasizing the North County Clare style of Chris Droney, Tommy and Jacqueline Mc Carthy, and others. will be modified and improved.” In his tutor, Jewell states that “The concertina being an Instrument so well known, it is unnecessary to enter into any description . A review appears in John Green and John Townley, “Bertram Levy: The Maestro Makes His Mark,” Contained “medallions” to cut out and paste on the instrument to label the keys.His concertinas were promoted in the tutor: “These instruments being made by English workman under the superintendence of R. The 28-key German-made concertina of that era also had two 5-key rows and one 4-key row on each side, but the 4-key row was the bottom row on each side of the instrument. The keys—all single-action—were arranged in two 6-key rows on each side. every way entitled to the notice and patronage of the lovers of Music . In addition to relatively minor revisions, the second edition contains some material on chords and fingerings, three tunes, and six CD tracks that were not in the first edition. Minasi, like other authors, promoted the instrument as easy to learn: “The German Concertina is confidently recommended as an instrument of much power and variety, and one upon which great execution can be attained with comparatively little practice” (p. The firm of Kleyser & Tritschler dealt in German clocks and toys; see John Alvey Turner was one of the earliest dealers in English-made concertinas. by the introduction of a rude little instrument named the ‘Mouth Harminicon’.” Although the title suggests that it is a collection of musical arrangements, it also includes lessons and exercises.Two of his tune collections— In 1850, Howe sold his music catalogue to the Oliver Ditson Company in a deal that precluded Howe from publishing music for ten years. Peters (in 1877)—and was a founding partner of John Church & Co.; see William A. The reference to “Charles Sheard & Co., Music Publishers and Printers, 192 Hilborn” on the cover provides clues for dating. There are some performers who appear to think that it is impossible to play without tossing the instrument round and round as if they were a windmill and their arms the sails . I have found only two concertinists in nineteenth-century American minstrelsy—virtuoso James Sharpley (1845-1902) and William F. This instructor will be sent, (Post paid), to any part of the United Kingdom, upon receipt of 12 Postage Stamps.” A photograph of Percy Honri and the caption “The Greatest Concertina Player of the Age” appears on the cover.Howe skirted the agreement by publishing many books of dance instruction during the 1850s. Ditson purchased the entire firms or music catalogues of rival publishers for concertina—Firth, Pond, & Co. Fisher, Jewell was granted the first British patent for the Anglo-chromatic concertina. Though the firm of Sheard was located at the Hilborn address from 1851 to 1900, its name became Charles Sheard & Co. Hoey, a black-face comedian/concertinist who first appeared on the minstrel stage in 1873; see Edward Le Roy Rice, Promotion of the tutor was based on both utility and price; as the cover states, “Persons totally unacquainted with Music can play the figured [i.e., tablatured] Melodies without the slightest aid of a master . The photograph, which appears to be from a set taken in New York in 1899, is reproduced in 2 (Spring 1982): 23.

Publications, 1983), wherein the first chapter contains a short biography of Carl (a.k.a. (Revised annotation, October 2003.) and more than 60 additional tunes.

) in style and presentation, the tutor (available in Dutch or English) goes its own direction to explain fingering, bellows directions, and other techniques for the Anglo concertina.

It is suitable for 20-key or 30-key Anglo concertina.

This tutor was published during the term of Howe’s “banishment.” The Oliver Ditson Company—a major manufacturer of musical instruments (but not concertinas) and music publisher—became the dominant U. His patent (“Concertinas,” August 29, 1861; Patent No. only in 1890; see Parkinson, Russell (1812-1900)—an English pianist, singer, and songwriter—was the most famous composer of American popular songs before Stephen Foster (who was directly influenced by Russell). Sheard used celebrity “endorsements” without regard for the concertinas that the celebrities played.

2152) included another innovation that was short-lived: “ . Russell resided in New York from 1835 to 1845, and engaged in songwriting, solo concerts (piano and vocal), and short careers as a church organist, choirmaster, and music academy teacher; see This was the only concertina tutor sold through the mail order of Sears, Roebuck, & Co. Sydney Ryan was a well-known composer-arranger, not to be confused with William Bradbury Ryan, author of ). He was more outspoken in his Sedgwick counseled that “. Percy Honri (1874-1953) was a star performer, but on the duet concertina.

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