Developing and validating rapid assessment instruments

We argue that lectins inhibition is a perspective approach to combating P. However, despite the existence of highly effective in vitro inhibitors, further experiments are required in order to advance these inhibitors into pre-clinical studies.

KEYWORDS Pseudomonas aeruginosa, lectin, Lec A, Lec B, antibiotic resistance, biofilm, inhibitor.

developing and validating rapid assessment instruments-34

The task force wishes to acknowledge Izabela Schultz, Ph D for her foresight regarding the need for guidelines and for initiating their careful development.This situation has prompted the development of novel compounds differing in their mechanism of action from traditional antibiotics that suppress the growth of microorganisms or directly kill bacteria.Instead, these new compounds should decrease the pathogens’ ability to colonize and damage human tissues by inhibiting the virulence factors and biofilm formation.This document will expire as APA Policy by February 2021.After this date, users should contact the APA Practice Directorate to determine whether this document remains in effect. Individuals with disabilities and their advocates have worked for more than 40 years to eliminate attitudinal and physical barriers, to be fully included in all aspects of society, and to secure the freedom to choose their own futures (Jaeger & Bowman, 2005; Priestley, 2001; Switzer, 2008).

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