Developing and validating rapid assessment instruments Adultchat biz

In addition, the task force is grateful to Rosemarie Alvaro, Ph D, Thomas Bartlett, Psy D, Jim Butcher, Ph D, Susan Drumheller, Ph D, Michael Dunn, Ph D, Stephen Flamer, Ph D, Alan Goldberg, Psy.D, ABPP, JD, Virginia Gutman, Ph D, Dara Hamilton, Ph D, Roger Heller, Ph D, Tamar Heller, Ph D, Rosemary Hughes, Ph D, William Kachman, Ph D, Monica Kurylo, Ph D, Kurt Metz, Ph D, Sharon Nathan, Ph D, Rhoda Olkin, Ph D, Sara Palmer, Ph D, Diana Pullin, JD, Ph D, Jeff Rosen, Ph D, Cheryl Shigaki, Ph D, David Smith, Ph D, Martha Thurlow, Ph D, Michael Wehmeyer, Ph D, Julie Williams, Psy D, and Gerry Young, Ph D for their assistance in providing important feedback on several earlier drafts of the guidelines; to Diana Spas (University of Montana, Missoula, Montana) for her thorough and thoughtful review and editorial suggestions; to APA’s governance groups who reviewed this document and provided valuable feedback and suggestions; and to the myriad other individuals for their careful review and comments.

Nonetheless, many people with disabilities continue to encounter both blatant and subtle discrimination in employment, housing, education, recreation, childrearing, health care, and mental health services (e.g., Banks & Kaschak, 2003; Kirschbaum & Olkin, 2002; Raphael, 2006; Schriner, 2001; Smart, 2001; Stapleton, Burkhauser, & Houtenville, 2004; Waldrop & Stern, 2003; Woodcock, Rohan, & Campbell, 2007). Leigh, Ph D (Gallaudet University, Washington DC); Elina Manghi, Psy D (Adler School of Professional Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois); Izabela Z. Geisinger, Ph D (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska); Kay Kriegsman, Ph D (independent practice, Bethesda, Maryland); Irene W.In 2007, the Council of Representatives allocated ,500 from its 2007 discretionary funds to support two additional Task Force meetings.No other group or individual contributed financial support, and no Task Force members or their sponsoring organizations will derive financial benefit from approval or implementation of these guidelines.

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