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During William Levis's first decade of leadership of the new company he oversaw an expansion unprecedented in the history of the glass industry. Canaday Center for Special Collections These photographs show the personal side of the family behind Illinois Glass, and include a photograph of the seven Levis sons.

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Sales increased dramatically as a result of the mechanized process, and the company continued to grow.Up to this time bottles were still being hand blown using centuries-old labor-intensive methods.But in 1910 the Levis brothers licensed one of Owens's automatic bottle machines and installed it in their Alton plant.By 1928 it had additional plants in Bridgeton, New Jersey; Gas City, Indiana; and Chicago Heights, Illinois; as well as subsidiaries including Tavern Rock Sand Company, Carlyle Paper Company, and Madison Warehouse Company.The Alton plant was the largest individual bottle manufacturing factory in the world.

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