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Doaa Eweda, a friend of Saber who works with her on the radio project, points to the growing pressures on women that have contributed to this social trend."The number of divorced women in the Arab world has risen sharply, with women marrying very quickly, whether from love, parental pressure or because they fear ending up as spinsters, and that can quickly lead to divorce," she said.It’s the reality of being a woman in Egypt, the country I’ve called home for the past 10 months.As a blonde, visibly foreign individual, my life as a woman in Egypt has been challenging in a way no other country could be.In other parts of the city, close to no females cover up.My lack of veil is an eye-catcher on the metro, even on the women’s compartment.

She says it is impossible to speak to a colleague on the street without immediately being suspected of having a relationship with him.

Women can also resort to the older procedure of drawn-out litigation to keep some financial rights, but such court hearings are often seen as biased against them.

It can also be tortuous, as famously depicted in the 1975 film I Want a Solution, in which a woman played by a celebrated Egyptian actress, Fatin Hamama, fought an excruciating battle for a divorce.

But in Egypt's conservative society, despite the law placing hurdles in the path of women seeking to end their marriages, some people believe the legal system is excessively favourable to females.

"Women have more rights than they should have, they have really gone too far," according to Abdel Rahman Hamid, who heads a men's association against khulu.

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