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The primary basis for exhibiting Mode One Behavior.When you’re “egotistically indifferent,” this means that you never become too excited in response to flattery, nor do you feel too offended or dejected by subjective criticisms or opinionated insults.The hoax was first exposed in a documentary creatively called “Catfish,” where a man fell for a young woman online.She turned out to be a middle-aged woman with a husband and children.: Any form of behavior you exhibit that is highly conducive to the achievement of your desired goals and objectives.For example, when you express your desires, interests, and intentions in an honest, straightforward, and upfront manner.With a new(ish) form of dating comes a new vocabulary.

Openness and straightforwardness in your emotions and intentions with women Indirect opener/ approach – Approaching a woman and starting a conversation by saying something that does not directly show your physical attraction to her.: Any conversation that you engage in with another that is usually trivial and meaningless, but to some degree, entertaining; The content of the conversation has nothing to do with your needs, desires, long-term intentions, or true interests.: Any form of behavior you exhibit that makes it virtually impossible for others to manipulate you, disrespect you, and/or cause you to change or compromise your personal principles and values without a valid purpose.Usually exhibited by a Mode Two “Gentleman.” : A person who dislikes others for no other reason than the fact they are jealous and envious of their social status, level of career and financial success, and/or their degree of popularity with others.: A fantastic ‘old school’ Pick up concept whereby you oscillate in-between ‘pushing’ a girl away using challenging/ teasing before ‘pulling’ her back to you with comfort creating softer text messages.

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