Dating coro jewelry

I have owned or co-owned my own businesses since 1980.Over the past I have consulted with many international retailers assisting them in strategic positioning and improved market segmentation.Vendome was the company's high end line, a shrewd marketing move since by the mid-20th century the Coro mark had become associated with more of a mass market line of costume jewelry Jewelry Signatures, Marks and Designs For Coro (listed in alphabetical order)The list of marks for Coro and all of its many lines is almost endless.A general “Rule Of Thumb” is if Copyright Symbol is present, your piece shows the copyright dates to after 1955.Coro created these different lines to market to consumers in different income brackets, and they created distribution networks for the jewelry that would maintain this segmentation of jewelry lines and the type of stores that could carry it.Some of their higher end lines were made of sterling silver or sterling silver with a fine gold vermeil finish.Katz was responsible for reviewing the designs of more junior artists and deciding which would be made and introduced into the market.According to patent records, Katz was a remarkably talented and prolific designer, holding more jewelry design patents in his name than anyone else in the industry. His rise through the company was meteoric as he became head designer and production manager in 1937, Vice President in 1948 and Executive Vice President in 1960.

It is the hope that each article will give highlights about major jewelry designers and manufacturers and their contribution.Coro History: Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger started their firm in 1901. They hired very talented jewelry designers to produce their conceptual designs and to reflect their creative esthete.Up until now their manufacturing work was outsourced until finally in 1911 they purchased their own facility in Providence, RI.Currently I am finalizing a brand new concept in online retail shopping at VBMShops at This concept is geared to the market segmentation based on demographics and psychographic of the buyers and shoppers of one of a kind merchandise in a boutique environment.VBMShops is ready for buyers and sellers with descriminating taste and a love of fine and one of kind "treasures".

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