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Coro History: Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger started their firm in 1901. They hired very talented jewelry designers to produce their conceptual designs and to reflect their creative esthete.

Up until now their manufacturing work was outsourced until finally in 1911 they purchased their own facility in Providence, RI.

Aquilar Mark: CORONATION 1965 Mark: Coro Originals(delicate script) 1947Mark: Coro Silver in circle shape with MEX inside.

Mark: Coro Sterling - (Coro script, Sterling block print) Mark: Coro Sterling Mark: Coro Sterling - (Coro script, Sterling block print) Mark: Coro Ster.

Coro created these different lines to market to consumers in different income brackets, and they created distribution networks for the jewelry that would maintain this segmentation of jewelry lines and the type of stores that could carry it.

Some of their higher end lines were made of sterling silver or sterling silver with a fine gold vermeil finish.

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In 1969 the family sold 51% of the Coro stock to Richton, Intl. It was sold to a South American company in 1992 that also went bankrupt Early Beginnings and Adolph Katz: Adolph Katz’s career as Coro’s head designer, spanned nearly 40 years.

I have owned or co-owned my own businesses since 1980.

Over the past I have consulted with many international retailers assisting them in strategic positioning and improved market segmentation.

One of his most famous is the “duette” a pair of pins that were attached to a specially designed piece of hardware that allowed the pins to be worn together or separately.

Other contributions include his gorgeous and massive multicolored rhinestones, glass cabochons and enamel work flowers, birds and “critter” brooches.

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