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The game has changed and social media, DMs, and the internet have shifted the playing field.Kevin and Melissa are going to help you navigate the ups and downs of your relationship in a unique and fresh way.From a Victorian mansion built in the 1800s to a Queen Anne-style home featuring Celtic influences in every guest room, these places to stay offer more than just a bed and a hot meal, their charm and history are the final pieces to your perfect Valentine’s Day.: If you are still still searching for a gift for that special someone, surprise them with tickets to The Phantom of the Opera coming to South Bend March 28 – April 8.Now through February 14, use the code “ANGEL” to receive off select performances and seats. They started dating at 16 and have been married for 13 years.Couples young and old, married or seriously dating can stand to learn a lot from this seminar.

As the result of a random drawing, Northwest Indiana retained 219, 260 was assigned to Northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne), and North Central Indiana received 574. These are Real Comedians, you just know them from social media. Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your significant other and showing them how much you care— from chocolates and jewelry to a date that will be remembered for years.Cinemark Movies 14 offers cozy, recliner seating as well as alcoholic beverages so kick back and enjoy a nice cold beer or delicious glass of wine while you are at the movies.There is plenty to do at Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center.

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