Dating kiss 2016

After winning a Golden Globe for Show Me A Hero and continuing to ride the ever-growing success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Oscar Isaac is arguably having a better 2016 than everybody else.

Given this recent attention (and let's be honest, his attractive face), fans can't help but wonder: Is Oscar Isaac dating anyone?

This has been a longstanding mystery, since the 36-year-old tends to keep his love life under wraps. Quite a bit of confusion comes from the fact that the press (myself included) may have been mistaking Lind for Miranda over the past year.

He was rumored to be engaged (if not secretly married) to a woman named Maria Miranda. When Isaac was photographed wandering the streets of New York with a blonde in January 2015, sites like Just Jared credited the woman as Miranda.

But because he's quite possibly the most secretive person ever, he later tried to retract that statement.In addition, the Mirror called Miranda his "childhood sweetheart" in a 2010 article: "Oscar is still said to be engaged to childhood sweetheart Maria Miranda after proposing in December 2007." If she's someone he knew from childhood, rather than a fellow celeb, that would explain why she's so far out of the spotlight. There were rumors that they tied the knot and later got divorced, but no one knows for sure.Considering 2007 was nine years ago, a ton can happen in that time period — including a breakup, which seems like the most plausible explanation here.Even IMDb mixed up the two ladies, as seen in the following tweet: That's not the only place that IMDB is adding fuel to the confusion.On Lind's IMDb page (she's a director), they have "Maria Miranda" listed as her credit in a movie, as well as under "Alternate Names."Does she really have an alternate name? It's farfetched, but maybe she wanted to have two first names (Maria/Miranda just like her boyfriend, Oscar/Isaac).

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