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“Why do you need a boyfriend if you already have everything? I think my favourites are 6 and 3 x3 The only one I don't like that much is 4, it's too long.04/05/14: What the?! This is going too far lol09/04/15: Well, it has officially past 100.000 views and 1.000 likes, thanks so much guys!Dear, sweet Keats is a very special mog about town - he was left in charge by puzzle-keeper Granny Riddleton when she hopped off for a well-deserved holiday, you see...Unravelling the mystery of Misthallery in this thrilling prequel to Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and finding the truth behind this spectral saga won’t be easy.And that, perhaps, should have been my first red flag.One thing I’ve learned in the two years since moving to Minneapolis is that when it comes to dating, excitement and hopefulness don’t always work in my favor.Should a puzzle definitively discombobulate you, you can always step away with grace and come back to it later.

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Connecting Singles is a 100% FREE India dating site where you can make friends and meet India singles.These events occurred three years before the professor and Luke’s famous investigations of that curious village, St Mystere - and the day the professor received Clark’s letter was my very first day as his assistant.I already deeply admired the professor, and though he didn’t seem to recall our last meeting, I couldn’t wait to get started; little did I know that what followed would be a mystery unlike anything I had ever encountered before! thanks x D05/07/14: Now it's the double, in only 2 months x D17/01/15: Almost 70.000...?14/12/15: Aaand we reached 200k views and 2k likes, this is amazing!

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