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When men sidled up during her breaks, she brushed them off with clipped British speech that they hadn’t expected: Her real name was Letitia Lula Agatha Fontaine, and she’d grown up, with great dignity, in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. But Mammy Lou didn’t bother with musical notation, so the white songwriters who scribbled down the melodies and registered them as sheet music reaped the profits.Maxwell Marcuse, author of Tin Pan Alley in Gaslight, says the famous cancan song “Ta! On fine days, Connor gathered up her hat and parasol and climbed into her big Victorian carriage with a few scantily clad employees.Men murmured in code as they smoked their after-dinner cigars: “Are you storming the castle tonight?

She painted it white and called it the Palace, it opened just in time: The Great Cyclone of 1896 destroyed Henry’s houses and the Castle. “She’d always had a line out in back of her houses, giving away food,” Hunter says, “and she never passed a priest or a nun without slipping them a hankie of money.” – April 28, 1934), was an American Delta blues musician.According to researchers Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff, this is "the earliest known document of blues singing on a public stage"; they comment that "ventriloquism afforded a certain distance, a refractive channel, through which vernacular culture was acceptably conducted from the street to the stage." In Philadelphia in 1912, a report stated: "Little Henry is an ignorant vagabond, drifting aimlessly through the world, very fond of liquor, and will stop at nothing to get it. Woods continued as a ventriloquist in vaudeville until at least 1923, and for a time was married to Essie, one of the Whitman Sisters, his later life is unreported. id=DVs KAg AAQBAJ&pg=PA1543&lpg=PA1543&dq="Plant Juice Medicine Company"&source=bl&ots=0hap VQv UK_&sig=Nbo X5hd C3h ZSy Zy B5u6k F5Go Q8s&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ah UKEwjcwu20y Ob ZAh Up Jc AKHZl5AGYQ6AEIKz AB#v=onepage&q="johnnie woods"&f=false He is not slow in telling how he is abused, and winds up with "Yea! id=_Rq SDg AAQBAJ&pg=PA147&lpg=PA147&dq="johnnie woods" blues&source=bl&ots=Aa LAk7_Nxi&sig=Nuy RYWex9GHCwm8zd XYvdrp7034&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ah UKEwj7or-Fy9f ZAh WFB8AKHb TYCf IQ6AEIUz AK#v=onepage&q="johnnie woods" blues&f=false The Distin family was a family of British musicians in the 19th century who performed on saxhorns and were influential in the evolution of brass instruments in then popular music.Henri Distin, son of John Distin eventually became a celebrated brass instrument manufacturer in England and the United States.John Distin and his family constituted a musical group that toured in the mid to late 19th century, they performed on Saxhorns from the company of Adolph Sax.

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