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He had two kids with his ex-wife, and they even accompany him on those exotic Bachelor trips from time to time!This is how my "Hollywood" crew and I party after a big live #thebachelorette event.But I will refrain from making any more fun of how basic Dorfman's Instagram is, because OMG Y'ALL SHE IS TALKING ABOUT CHRIS HARRISON, RIGHT?!Granted, the post doesn't say anything about the new guy being Harrison, or, really, that there even is a new guy at all. Does one post a cryptic Instagram about "better things falling into place" when it's not about relationship?An insider reveals: Since his wife of 18 years, Gwen Harrison, announced their separation last year, Chris has dated a couple of women—but never called any of them his girlfriend.After doing a little digging, we've uncovered that Selma and Chris seen each other outside of the show, so a relationship is more likely than not!And now, there's a new piece of evidence that Andi Dorfman has a new guy!

That's because this time, there's actual real photographic proof that Dorfman and Harrison are spending time together, and it comes in the form of a photo that she posted herself, to her own Instagram, of the two of them together in New York City.

And guys, again, I am a very calm and rational person, but there are a lot of indicators that this isn't just a friend hang.

First of all, there's the caption: "Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the wine flow stronger when it comes to @chrisbharrison," with a wine emoji and heart emoji (!!!

host is reportedly dating season 17 contestant Selma Alameri!

Chris was seen out with the brunette stunner at Pearl’s Liquor Bar in LA on Thursday night, looking super cozy with his newly minted gal-pal.

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